The morning routine getting the kids to school can be a nightmare – arguments, grumps, tantrums and tears. Never fear, Great Days out with Dad has come up with some great tips to help you speed up the school morning routine – not so you can get back to bed – but to help everyone have a better day!

Timers and Countdowns

Make the morning routine into a game – beat the clock. Set a timer for example for when they should have finished brushing their teeth or putting their clothes on. alternatively setup a morning music playlist and use it as a morning countdown – everyone should be out the doors by the time the last track ends!

Prepare the night before

Yes everyone says it, prepare the night before but yes seriously – prepare the night before! Rushing around looking for that missing shoe, or the missing pe shirt is guaranteed to get the stress levels rising and the tempers raging. So the night before, pack the bags, put the clean school shoes and coats by the door and lay out the school clothes before the kids are in bed. The kids can even help with this one to help with their organisation skills.

Launch Station

Does this video sum up your mornings?–h2GjaAU

Instead of the panic, get some boxes or baskets that can live in your hallway. Then when anyone in the house comes in from school, college, work they empty their pockets of the essentials – keys, bus pass, change etc into their respective basket or box ready for the next morning.

Out the door, in the cold….

This is a funny one, but it surely works. If you are almost ready say 90 – 95% there, then get everyone outside the door, putting on their shoes, coats, school bags outside the door. This will stop the distractions and the faffing around and the cold toes will surely focus little minds on getting ready.

Car Emergency kit

If you are running late having a few emergency essentials in your glove compartment of your car can be a life saver – wipes, tissues, mints, cereal bar, carton of drink, loose change and a pen and paper make a good starter for 10!


We hope our Great Days out with Dad speed up the morning routine hacks help you – if you have any of your own, why not add them in the comments below!



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