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Is the Crocky Trail a good family day out?

Crocky Trail Review: Half term we were looking for something fun today and Crock Trail certainly fit the bill. If you are a looking for a polished theme park this is not the place for you, but if you are looking for somewhere where the kids can get down and dirty with a little bit of managed risk then you will have an amazing time.

The review of the Crocky Trail on Tripadvisor are a real mixed bunch, from people giving it the worst rating possible – complaining that the slides look like they are made of scaffolding – well thats as maybe our solution to that complaint was to get right stuck in with the kids ourselves – they are amazing!

With regards to the risk factor – well there are some high wire crossing above the stream,, wobbly bridges and more. However as we recently read in a report into childhood: “A generation of overprotected children need to be given greater freedom to learn about risk as they play, the health and safety regulator has said. In a joint statement, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and the Play Safety Forum (PSF) said children need to do outdoor activities such as climbing and playing conkers in order to grasp the realities of the world.

Our Crocky Trail Review

crocky trail reviewThe day we visited the Crocky Trail we were really fortunate with the weather – late October and the sun was shining on a fab autumn day.

We were really impressed with the pricing structure – Joshua and his brother were free as they are under 5 Dad was just £9 and parking was totally free.

There is loads to do, the activities are really unique, from really high slides ( they get progressively higher and faster) to a super fast spinning wheel you need to try and sit on, to a zombie run (barrels that try to knock you off) to the actual Crocky Trail itself. The trail is about 1 mile or so long, and criss-crosses the stream with various bridges, balance beams and high metal chain wire bridges.

By the end of the day, the boys were totally worn out, muddy and had huge smiles on their faces – in Dad’s book that a big thumbs up

Overall Joshua gave the Crocky Trail review a huge thumbs up!

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Crocky Trail Directions and Postcode

Located in Waverton, Chester we had no issues finding the location using the satnav.
The Crocky Trail Ltd
Cotton Abbotts

Photos of the Crocky Trail

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As you will see from our Crocky Trail review we had an amazing time – try it out and let us know how you got on.

Crocky Trail


Value for Money


Fun Factor



  • Lots of different activities you can't find elsewhere
  • Free Parking
  • Good to tire out kids
  • Original idea


  • Bad weather would make it not much fun
  • Some might think its a bit rough and ready


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