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Speedwell Cavern Review

We took a day trip to Castleton and visited three attractions whilst there. One of thos was Speedwell Cavern. Check out our video which includes a short review of Speedwell Cavern and read on for more details of our adventure.

Our Review

Speewell Cavern is located in Castleton. We were looking forward to our visit, but we were not looking forward to the price – £12 per adult £10 per child over 5 years old – or a family for £40. You can buy a joint ticket for here and Peak Cavern which gives a bit of a discount. However for what is essentially a walk down some steps, an underground boat trip and a walk around a small cave – the prices are pretty steep! (Pretty much like the steps!) You can buy tickets by visiting the Speedwell Cavern Website.

The most important part to make this trip interesting is the guide who takes you on the tour of Speedwell Cavern. Thier review of the history, interesting stories can make the trip more interesting. Basically for this day out, you are walking down a very steep set of steps, taking an underground boat trip till you get to the cave at the end of the tunnel. There you get to see the “Bottomless pit” which actually without being a spoiler – it not bottomless.

Overall our Speedwell Cavern Review – its ok and it you do other things in Castleton whilst there then it might just make an interesting full day out.

How to get to Speedwell Cavern

Head to the heart of Castleton and follow the signs – easy to find with parking on site. There is an additional charge for Parking which you can pay for in the shop.


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